Pertamina University

Maret 25, 2015

Pertamina University, the next world’s leading university in energy business, is looking for exceptional individuals to join the new and dynamic team as a Teaching Staff (TS).
Pertamina University will start the academics activities in mid-year 2016. There are 15 available majors for the Teaching Staff (TS) opportunities,
1. Petroleum Engineering (PT)
2. Geophysics Engineering (GP)
3. Geology Engineering (GL)
4. Electrical Engineering (EL)
5. Mechanical Engineering (MC)
6. Chemical Engineering (CL)
7. Civil Engineering (CV)
8. Environmental Engineering (EN)
9. Logistics Engineering (LG)
10. Computer Science (CT)
11. Chemistry (CM)
12. Communication (CO)
13. Economics (EC)
14. Management (MT)
15. International Relation (IR)
– Master Degree in linear subject / field
– Max. age limit of 50 y.o
For those interested to join this emerging team, please send us your CV/resume to and subject “TS_MajorCode_FirstNameLastName” (example: TS_EN_SyahidDeradjat).


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