Buku buku untuk OSN Astronomi 2015

Februari 25, 2015

Kalau kurang buku tentang astronomi,… hehehe

  1. Vol.2 – Planetary Science and Astronomy
  2. !! [Ebook][Physics] Stephen Hawking – A Brief History Of Tim (ebooks) Electricity and Magnetism Textbook physics
  3. [Solutions Manual] [Instructors] Physics by Resnick Halliday Krane, 5th Ed. Vol 2
  4. Andrew_Liddle_-_An_Introduction_to_Modern_Cosmology_-_2nd_Ed
  5. Astronomy – A Companion to Astronomy and Astrophysics
  6. Astronomy – Astrophysics is Easy
  7. Astronomy – Galaxies and the Expanding Universe
  8. Astronomy – Philip’s Atlas of the Universe 2005
  9. Astronomy.Principles.and.Practice.Fourth.Edition
  10. Astrophysics Carl_Sagan_-_Cosmos
  11. E-Book – Puzzlers – Math Magic – Martin Gardner (251 Pages)(Physics, IQ, Science, Computer, Engineering)
  12. Foundation of modern cosmology
  13. Fundamental Astronomy 5th Edition
  14. Handbook Of Space Astronomy And Astrophysics 2d ed- Zombeck hst15_edu_1
  15. Lektion1
  16. Lucent Library of Science and Technology – Black Holes 2004
  17. Lucent Library of Science and Technology – Comets and Astero

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